A Guide To Snow Tubing In Pocono

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Want to hit slopes this year? This winter, go to Pocono Mountains' best spot for snow tubing. Here is our complete guide on

  • What is snow tubing
  • A guide to what to wear and what to bring for snow tubing
  • The best five places to go for snow tubing in the Pocono Mountains

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Are you ready to try some snow tubing in PA? Before digging in, let's cover some basics.

What Is Snow Tubing?

Snow tubing is a truly wide ride and is one of the most thrilling family-friendly activities. It's an activity where a person rides on the top of the inner tube either on snow or through the air.

These tubes are known as biscuits or donuts because of their shape. Snow tubing is the easiest way to hit the slopes, whether you fly solo or race with a friend down a snowy mountain slope.

Wander, how is snow tubing a family-friendly activity? You can take a ride with your tribe in a family-size snow tube. Plus, gentle "magic carpet" lifts make reaching the mountaintop incredibly easy, and you can slide down again and again.

Things You Need For Snow Tubing

  • If you truly want to enjoy snow tubing, then make sure to keep yourself as warm as possible.
  • Wear plenty of layers when heading for snow tubing; it will insulate against cold and likely get some relief if you start to heat up on your way down.
  • Be careful if you wear scarves, as they can snag up in nearly anything. Instead, wear a neck warmer
  • Be sure to take a good base layer like a thermal Shirt, and for mid-layer, wear warm fleece.
  • After your thief or a fourth trip down, chances are you will feel soaked. To prevent this, wear dry clothes made of polypropylene or polyester. These fabrics are best at pulling moisture away from the body. 
  • Take sunglasses or google with you to protect you from the wind and winter glare.

 What to Bring

  • Snow tubing is superbly safe, but accidents can and still do happen. So consider wearing a helmet just in case to avoid any trouble. With that said, bring bandages, hand sanitizer, antiseptic, and pain reliever. It's better to be prepared than not prepared at all. Right? 
  • Always bring extra cloth with you for snow tubing. So you don't have to go back to the room for change.
  • Bring some sunscreen and chapstick to protect your face and ears from the harsh reflection of the sun off the gleaming snow.

The Best five Places For Snow Tubing In Pocono

Do you want to have some fun in the snow? The Pocono region has some well-known snow tubing resorts that require no skills or equipment and is suitable for almost everyone. At the same time, age and height requirements vary from place to place.

Ready to take a snow tubing ride in Pocono? Then browse our list of snow tubing amenities below at top Pocono snow tubing resorts.

Shawnee Mountain Ski Area

A trendy and appealing snow tubing spot for winter lovers of all ages. Shawnee Mountain Ski Area is a fancy treat on the slope, and you can also visit Pocono Plunge Snow Tubing Park.

You have two options; either choose a single tube or tandem tube and bundle up and slide down six snowy chutes in your selected tube.

In addition, the park has convenient facilities such as two tube-transporting carpets and lights for moonlight tubing sessions.

Big Boulder Ski Area

Being the oldest ski resort in the Pocono since 1947, Big Boulders Ski Area boasts on some of the most diverse lands on the east coast. During 1950 this place perfected the practice of artificial snowmaking.

The terrain park includes tubes, jumps, and bars. Also, they have two convenient conveyor carpets that will take you up to 20 tubing lanes. 

Ski Big Bear Mast hope Mountain

This family-friendly resort is a perfect place for young skiers and snowboarders, especially for beginners. The three tubes of the resort's tubing park are groomed daily to make it a memorable snow day.

You can go skiing Big Bear Mast hope Mountain for snow tubing in late December, its beginning time. Besides, they offer snow tubing only on winter weekends or holidays and treat visitors with hassle-free magic carpet rides up to the mountain.

Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain Resort is an unforgettable winter destination. A visit to this snow tubing resort is a thrilling experience in the mountains. The resort offers 34 different lanes up to 1000 feet long, three lifts to transport riders, and even twilight tubing.

Jack Frost Mountain

This resort is nestled just a mile down the road from Big Boulder. The Jack Frost pairs perfectly with Pocono's oldest resort Big Boulder. Both the co-owner resorts complement each other.

You can visit both the resorts on the same lift ticket. At Jack Frost Park, you don't have to wait in line. This park has another way to tackle the slope. Using two speedy cable tows, you can pass your time sliding the hillside rather than waiting in long queues. 

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