Discover the most exquisite luxury homes nestled in the stunningly picturesque Pocono Mountain Range.

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Discover the Pocono Resort Cabin, a luxurious boutique cabin nestled amidst snow-capped mountain peaks, deep wooded valleys, and crystal blue lakes. Relax and unwind as you explore the vast range of natural beauty spots and outdoor activities that the Poconos have to offer. With a variety of luxury resorts in the region, each offering unique experiences and activities, the Poconos is the perfect destination for your next escape to one of the most scenic mountain range regions in the North Eastern United States.

 The Luxury Cabin and its Facilities 

The Pocono Resort Cabin is a spacious and tranquil accommodation that boasts five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The open-plan living space and kitchen area are massive and have floor-to-ceiling windows that provide ample space to enjoy the numerous comforts of this fantastic space.

During snowy winter nights, you can relax around the luxury cabin's indoor fireplace and living room, cook lavish meals in the fully equipped kitchen, and enjoy dining with friends and family in the well-lit dining area.

The property includes a games room, which is perfect for recreation and group activities. It includes a spacious seating area with a large wall-mounted HD flat-screen television, a full-sized and fully equipped pool table, and a wall-set fireplace. The games room is the perfect place to come together and enjoy an evening as a group.

The large outdoor space is surrounded by nature and is perfect for watching the stunning night sky. It includes a spacious outdoor terrace with a dining table and seating area, ideal for enjoying summer meals in the evening sun. The outdoor area also comes with a large communal fire pit and seating arrangement, perfect for socializing and enjoying drinks well into the night.

The outdoor terrace also features a hot tub that is great for relaxation and rejuvenation, and there is a large communal pool nearby that is perfect for enjoying sunny days. One of the cabin's best features is its spacious and authentic sauna that provides a blissful space to relax the body and soul. The sauna is fully furnished with wood paneling for maximum comfort, and it also comes equipped with a Himalayan salt scent that helps to relax the body and muscles.

This luxury Pocono Cabin also includes a two-car indoor parking garage, as well as washing and ironing facilities, and a variety of modern house amenities like a coffee machine and dishwasher.

Facilities and Activities nearby

There is a huge range of activities and sights to see located near your Pocono cabin resort and we have listed some of the best for you to enjoy!

Ski and Snowboarding Facilities

There is a wide range of nearby ski and snowboarding resorts in easy reach of your Pocono Cabin and all of these are excellent for a winter day out in the mountains!

The region around your luxury Pocono cabin has over 185 slopes and trails for you to choose from and all of them vary in difficulty and complexity so whether you are a beginner or expert you will always have a trail to enjoy during your Pocono trip away.

For the more adventurous types why not try taking on one of the Pocono luxury ski resorts tube slopes and feel the speed as you slide down a carved iceway at daring speeds.

There is also a good mix of ski schools for those looking to start their skiing journey or for experts that want to sharpen some skills.

If skiing isn’t your preferred day out you can find a host of other activities across the Pocono luxury resorts, for example you can explore the beautiful mountain tracks on snowmobiles or by horseback riding.

You can also take a ride out to one of the Poconos winter lakes by dog sled or set out on a winter hike with some snowshoes. Here you can set up to enjoy a day of ice fishing or just take in the idyllic beauty of the winter surroundings as you ice skate over the frozen water.

Some of the best Poconos luxury ski resorts are located close to your Pocono cabin such as the Camelback Slope and Resort or the Montage mountain resort.

Water Recreation and Boating

The Pocono Mountains have a huge range of water sports for you to enjoy and the majority of this is focused around the 13-mile-long Lake Wallenpaupack.

Here you can enjoy summer days swimming or just lounging on one of the many beaches that dot the shore of this massive reservoir.

Many visitors to the region take boat tours on the lake which will escort you around its scenic shoreline and stop by some of the islands which can be visited in the lake's center during the day.

If you prefer to see the Lake at your own pace, then make sure to visit one of the many canoe or kayak rental centers on its shores from where you will have the freedom to paddle from shore to shore.

There is a wide variety of fishing opportunities located around your luxury Pocono cabin and this a great way to spend a day on some of the more tranquil shore areas of Lake Wallenpaupack.

For those adrenaline junkie groups seeking a little adventure make sure to visit Pocono Whitewater where you can spend the day battling as a group against a series of fast-flowing river rapids either by day or night!

Gaming and adventure activities 

While staying at your luxurious cabin in Pocono, you will have plenty of options to enjoy nightlife and other activities. Even after the sun sets, you won't be short of things to do. You can challenge your group members to a paintball match at Skirmish Paintball Field, which offers 750 acres of mountain range as your personal battlefield. There are various shooting ranges located around your cabin where you can indulge in exciting sport shooting on indoor and outdoor ranges, under the guidance of a range expert or try archery. For an unforgettable evening, you can visit one of the most luxurious and extensive casino resorts located near your cabin. The Mount Airy Casino has been awarded Four Diamonds and offers a wide range of gaming and dining options. For an adrenaline-pumping day trip, you can visit the Pocono NASCAR Racetrack and witness one of the most thrilling motorsports in America or even try your hand at a Pocono stock car racing experience!

If you're searching for an all-encompassing experience amidst the breathtaking Pocono Mountain landscape, look no further than the Pocono Lodge Cabin. This cozy cabin serves as the perfect home base for all your adventures, with a plethora of exciting activities right at your fingertips. Don't wait any longer, book your stay today to guarantee availability.