The best vacation homes for skiing in the Pocono Mountains.

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The Pocono Mountains are a very popular destination for tourists, especially during the winter season when visitors can enjoy various snow-filled outdoor activities. This region is a paradise for skiers and snowboarders, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world.
With its breathtaking scenery and magnificent hills, Pocono boasts some of the best skiing resorts. These resorts cater to skiers of all levels, regardless of their age and experience. So if you're planning to spend your winter vacation or weekend trip in Pocono, make sure to check out the top skiing resorts listed below.
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Shawnee Mountain Ski Area
Shawnee Mountain is situated in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, just two hours away from Manhattan. The resort boasts 23 trails and a 700-foot vertical drop with snowmaking available on each trail to ensure great skiing conditions throughout the season. 
It is a family-friendly resort, offering terrains suitable for all levels of skiers, from beginners to experts. Additionally, teenagers and young people interested in improving their skills can enjoy skiing on two terrain parks, which are easier to handle.

Jack Frost Ski Resort

Isn't it more convenient to ski at two different mountains on the same day? Jack Frost Mountain and Big Boulder are located close to each other and are co-owned. Both places offer ample space for skiing, and you can have different experiences at each mountain.

Jack Frost Ski Resort is family-friendly and perfect for beginners looking to learn new skills. The terrain is ideally suited for kids, with professional instructors available to teach them chairlift riding, turning, and stopping. Your child will start on beginner terrain and progress to steeper slopes as they gain confidence and skill.


Big Boulder Resort, Pennsylvania

Big Boulder Resort opened in 1946 as the first commercial ski resort in Pennsylvania. The resort offers snowmaking machines, high-speed lifts, and terrain parks with the latest slope styles. It is an excellent place for beginners as it provides ski schools and well-groomed trails. The ski schools have experienced instructors who offer a comfortable environment for children to learn and enjoy the experience. It is said that the instructors have a mascot that they place on the slopes. 

The resort has 4 kilometers of slopes for snowboarders and skiers, with eight lifts to take you up the slopes. Big Boulder's 663-meter and 518 meters slopes are ideal for those who love an Olympic experience. Moreover, the resort offers over 20 trails that are approximately 2000 feet long, with a vertical drop of 600 feet.

Roundtop Mountain Resort, Lewisberry PA

This resort is well-known for its natural snowy lifts and trails, tubing park, and snowmaking facilities. It caters to beginners and families with easy slopes and a 1,300-foot elevation. If you're a mother with a toddler who wants to ski in the mountains, Round Top Mountain Resort has a childcare service. They keep your little one engaged in fun activities like crafts and provide snacks.

Elk Mountain Ski Resort

If you don't like crowded places, then Elk Mountain Ski Resort is an excellent option for you. This place has old-school lifts and trails that go through the woods and is less crowded than other ski resorts in Pocono.

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Tussey Mountain Ski & Recreation

Tussey Mountain Ski and Recreation is located near State College. This resort is home to the renowned Penn State ski team. However, Tussey Mountain is small and far away from town but is worth visiting once.

With 50 acres of land, this resort features a snowmaking machine, one snow tube lift, and three ski and snowboard lifts. Plus, they have a large ski terrain covered with snow and have intermediate trails for expert experts.

There are 13 trails on this mountain and a beginner trail with a Bear on it. Besides, Tussle Mountain Resort also offers a snow tubing area with five tubing lanes and one lift. 

Bear Creek Mountain Resort

If you're new to skiing and looking to improve your skills, Bear Creek Mountain trails are an excellent place to start. Though smaller than other resorts in Pocono, Bear Creek Mountain has trails of varying sizes and levels. Beginner trails are less steep and shorter, while advanced trails for professionals are longer and more challenging. This ski resort also offers slopes for kids that are easy and perfect for learning.

Bear Creek Mountain Resort is a popular tourist destination because it has all the amenities you need for skiing. The slopes are perfect for skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding. Additionally, they have more advanced features like slope tracking webcams that allow you to check weather conditions while skiing. Pretty cool, right?

Blue Mountain Ski Resort

Blue Creek Mountain Resort boasts a ski area of 1082 feet and offers a variety of trails suitable for all skill levels of skiers and snowboarders. Childcare services are available during the week for a fee, allowing parents to participate in activities worry-free. However, these services are not available on weekends. Don't have skiing equipment? No problem! You can rent it from the resort's shop, and if you're a beginner, you can take skiing lessons from experienced instructors.

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